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Collaboration Project

Annual Coordinator

Annual Coordinator

The Collaboration Project coordinator functions as the primary point person for annual initiatives. Assuming duties in the fall semester, this individual serves as the point person for the oversight of activities related to the annual theme selected the previous spring.

The coordinator works in partnership with the annual Steering Committee and project participants in developing activities, doing outreach to build connections with other members of the campus community. This individual helps the group maintain focus on the annual theme and broader project mission and principles (inclusion, social justice, education, engagement, reflection, celebration and cross-constituency collaboration). The coordinator is responsible to model participatory decision-making and principles of inclusion, diversity and justice. They report to the Collaboration Project Anchor Team.

The coordinator is responsible for the following functions, making sure these duties are carried out, though they may delegate and supervise as possible and appropriate.


  • Monitors the budget, makes sure requests follow procedural guidelines and facilitates decision-making about requests. Prepares the annual budget request in consultation with the Anchor Team and Steering Committee, and submits it to the associate provost in December
  • Conveys information about the annual theme and events calendar to the Web team, marketing and creative services and public affairs
  • Facilitates the spring awards event and maintains list of student awardees and faculty/staff/administrator certificate recipients
  • Composes a summary report each semester in consultation with the Steering Committee and Anchor Team to be submitted to the associate provost


  • Facilitates connections across campus constituencies, including faculty, staff, students and administrators
  • Ensures that cosponsorships are clear– both of units cosponsoring activities we organize, and whether other units want our cosponsorship for activities they organize
  • Works with marketing and creative services on press releases and advertising of the overall calendar

Meetings and Communications

  • Facilitates biweekly meetings and circulation of minutes
  • Keeps track of Steering Committee vote outcomes, whether in person or online
  • Maintains the Collaboration Project email list
  • Arranges space for biweekly meetings (consulting the Steering Committee and the University calendar)
  • Sends out meeting reminders
  • Plans meeting agendas, with input from the Steering Committee
  • Responds to requests for information about annual theme activities


  • The coordinator makes sure appropriate and related activities are being organized. They may or may not organize activities themselves.
  • In the spring, submits requests for space in large Ruth S. Harley University Center rooms in advance of each semester to ensure availability for large events

STAFF Support
The coordinator may request funds for a work-study student to assist him/her in performing the functions. The work-study student generally works an average of 10 hours/week for $10/hour. The higher rate of pay is justified by the enhanced duties of this student in the implementation of the above listed tasks. They may act as a liaison with student groups on campus.

Who can be a Coordinator?
The coordinator will be someone with a record of participation in Collaboration Project planning meetings and activities before his or her term begins. The coordinator can be any faculty member, staff member, or administrator from Adelphi. 

When (or how long) does s/he serve?
The Coordinator is primarily active in the fall though they are responsible to train whoever is to be the following year’s coordinator in the spring. In that way, they serve for one year.

How is s/he chosen?
A call for nominations for the Collaboration Project annual coordinator is circulated in December of each year. Based on the interest of the nominees, selection is made through a consensus or if necessary, a vote of the Steering Committee during the prior academic year, with final decision-making resting in the Anchor Team of the Collaboration Project.


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