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Collaboration Project


End Gendered Violence

Discuss gender issues and work together to end the violence.

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We’ve all seen it. Whistles and catcalls intimidate a young girl walking by a construction site. Kids are called “faggot” or “dyke” on a school playground. Young men half-joking about how to get a date smashed.

We’ve seen it on the news. Rape as a weapon of war. Young girls trafficked to the United States from Mexico or Eastern Europe. Religious leaders spreading fear of the homosexual agenda, while politicians warn about women from El Salvador here to steal from us.

We’ve seen the violence in economic systems where women’s work means disrespect, low pay, danger. From the sweatshops of Bangladesh to the maquiladores along our border to the discount mart down the street. When the nanny working 12-hour days can’t go to the doctor.

We see this violence again and again. Has it become just a lot of background noise? Or something to look away from? Or, if we see it, should we do something?

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