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Interactive events supporting social justice and human rights.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no entries posted for this department. Please check back later for new listings.

Past Events

May 8, 2015 Paul Taylor Dance Company Event Buy Tickets Online

April 30, 2015 Images of Children and Peace: Photography Exhibit and Reception Event The reception has been canceled.

April 30, 2015 A Celebration of the Arts Event Three winners will be selected from each category.

April 28, 2015–May 3, 2015 Spring Dance Adelphi: Paul Taylor’s Company B Event Buy Tickets Online

April 16, 2015 Surviving the Holocaust Event Life After Liberation: The Story by Betty Knoop

March 26, 2015 Symposium on the Changing Nature of War and Peace Event This symposium examines the prospects and challenges of peace.

November 10, 2014 Who says no to war? Class and anti-war protest from Vietnam to Today Event Penny Lewis

November 4, 2014 Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence Event Christian Parenti Ph.D.

April 2, 2014 Challenging Racial Inequality In Our Schools Event Pedro Noguera talks about challenging racial inequality in our schools.

February 24, 2014 Behind the Beautiful Forevers Event Katherine Boo talks about her book "Beyond the Beautiful Forevers".

November 12, 2013 One Water Event This documentary focuses on water, one of the most basic necessities to human life.

November 6, 2013 Book Discussion: Behind the Beautiful Forevers Event Join us for a discussion in Earle Hall or online.

November 4, 2013 Book Discussion: Behind the Beautiful Forevers Event Join us for a discussion in Earle Hall or online.

February 18, 2013 Tera Hunter, Ph.D. Event Bound as Fast in Wedlock as a Slave Can Be: African-American Marriage, Slavery and Freedom

February 14, 2013 Lecture by Pierre Schori Event

December 12, 2012 Super Size Me (2004) Event

November 29, 2012 Poison-Eating, Blow-gun Hunting and Health: Diet as a Double Edged Sword Event

November 6, 2012 Storied Meal Session Event

October 30, 2012 Human Rights Teach-In Event

October 24, 2012 Food Stamped (2010) Event

October 24, 2012 Community Reads Dialogues Event

October 11, 2012 New School: Conference on Food Sustainability Around the Globe Event

October 2, 2012 Community Reads Dialogues Event

November 30, 2011 “The Secrets of Naci-rema” Event

November 21, 2011 “The Romance of Twilight & Friends: Delicious or Pernicious?” Event

October 11, 2011 “Coming Out Stories” on National Coming Out Day Event

October 11, 2011 National Coming Out Day (aka Jeans Day) Event

October 6, 2011 “It Gets Better” Filming Event

September 26, 2011 “GLBT 101” Event

September 21, 2011 “The ABCs of Gender-Based Violence: Abuse, Betrayal, and Coercion” Event

May 2–May 9, 2011 Happiness Campaign Pass Along a Smile, Compliment, or Thanks Event

April 20, 2011 Adelphi Fair Trade Fashion Show Event

April 4, 2011 Students as Change Agents: Social Movements Today Event

October 12, 2010 Memories and Legacies of the Triangle Fire Event

October 11, 2010 “Good Morning, Heartache!” Event

October 4, 2010 Creating Our Inclusive Campus Event

September 14, 2010 Envisioning Our Inclusive Campus Event

March 27, 2010 Nets 4 Nets Charity Basketball Tournament Event

March 2, 2010 Wanna Know What We Think? Afghan Students Speak Event

February 20, 2010 Topdog Underdog Event

February 8, 2010 The Yes Men Fix the World! Event

December 13, 2009 Nets-4-Nets Event

November 22, 2009 Join the Uprising! Event

November 19, 2009 Education and Social Change: Presentation by Noel Anderson Event

October 7, 2009 Student Night at Street Scene Event

September 24, 2009 Presentation by ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Event

September 22, 2009 Amnesty’s “Make Noise: Our Campaign for Human Rights” Event

September 14, 2009 Talk and Q&A Event

November 24, 2008 Inequality Experience Event

November 21, 2008 ICAN Film Series: This is What Democracy Looks Like Event

November 12, 2008 Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro, NC Event

November 10, 2008 Fair Trade Fashion Show Event

November 6, 2008 For Lack of a Better Word Event

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