Tuesday, October 21, 2008
1:40–2:55 p.m.


Alumni House

Being & Becoming “American” A Forum for Inquiry into the question: What’s it like to be an immigrant in the United States?

Students will present key findings from interviews conducted as part of their “Race and Politics” course last spring. Learn from what they heard about the experiences of Adelphi students, staff and faculty and the community-at-large born outside the U.S. These stories are powerful, revealing and challenging as we all learn to adapt to changing demographics that have brought any new people to the United States. 

Sandra Dunn of the Hagedorn Foundation and Luis Valenzuela of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance will provide commentary about issues related to the experiences of immigrants on Long Island. 

Bring your questions and your thoughts about this topic to this 
important conversation. Light lunch provided! 

Co-sponsored by: The Center for Social Innovation, Departments of Political Science and Sociology, V.O.T.E.R. Initiative & ICAN: Imagine Change Act Now project. 

RSVP to Professor Melanie Bush (Sociology)Professor Maggie Gray (Political Science), or Dr. Richard Dina (Center for Social Innovation).

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