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Collaboration Project

Benefits of the Collaboration Project

What the Collaboration Project brings to the Adelphi community.

Links to University Mission
As an engaged university, developing students who understand their connection to the community at large provides opportunities to explore social issues in a supportive and intellectual environment, working side by side with faculty, staff and administrators

Links to General Education Goals
Many Adelphi students draw from communities on Long Island and around the United States where they have had little exposure to diverse experiences. The Collaboration Project provides an opportunity for cross-constituency based activities. Working with this project introduces them to ways they can practice global citizenship, critical thinking, communication, artistic expression and exposure, and information literacy

An Engaged Scholarly Community
The project provides an expression of our vision of an interdisciplinary and collaborative in process and outcome as everything from the development of an annual theme to coordination of specific activities incorporates people from various university disciplines, schools and units and different constituencies.

Engaging Ideas
The project provides an opportunity for engagement of ideas in practice through events that involve intellectual inquiry as well as potentials applications in everyday life.

Stronger Community Connections
The project builds connections within the university and the broader community that can strengthen our presence in the community at large; provides opportunities for leadership for people from different levels of the University to express ideas, strategies and vision; fosters a process of building relationships throughout the University between constituencies, different schools, etc., and it involves people from broader community to participate in leadership; fosters broad-based participation that facilitates building relationships cross-experience (race, class, gender, sexuality, religion etc.), and intergenerationally.

Articulation of the Adelphi 2015 Strategic Plan:

  1. Center of creative and intellectual activity: The Collaboration Project mission embodies this principle with an emphasis on inclusion, collaboration and creative activities that raise awareness of social issues through a partnership of curricular and cocurricular initiatives
  2. Relevance in a changing world: Our activities emphasize the connection between classroom and community, local and global, historical and current frameworks. Working collaboratively with different constituencies, the Collaboration Project plays a leadership role in building relationships between people and groups, and heightening awareness of current issues
  3. Student success in a range of educational goals: Collaboration Project initiatives provide opportunities for students to hone leadership abilities, apply knowledge learned and develop organizational, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.
  4. Reputation as an excellent and affordable university: Collaboration Project draws upon many resources to provide exceptional programs, without charge as well as opportunities for community engagement.

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