Collaboration Project


The People

Annual Steering Committees

2015-2016: Maria Birch, Melanie Bush, Sarah Eltabib, Diana Feige, Carson Fox, Brooks Frederick, Jennifer Ganley, Margaret Gray, Della Hudson, Jazmine Javier, Stephanie Lake, Margaret Lally, Matthew Lavery, Traci Levy, Deborah Little, Cindy Maguire, Nicole Rudolph, Devin Thornburg, Chotsani West

2014-2015: **Fabian Burrell, **Deborah Little, **Jennifer Ganley, Stephanie Lake, Melanie Bush, Diana Feige, Muriel Herring, Della Hudson, Maggie Gray, Anna Zinko, Maggie Lally, Traci Levy, Cindy Maguire, Gerry Lennon, Matt Lavery

2013-2014: **Maggie Gray, Stephanie Lake, Melanie Bush, Diana Feige, Muriel Herring, Fabien Burrell, Della Hudson, Jen Ganley, Deborah Little, Anna Zinko, Maggie Lally, Traci Levy, Cindy Maguire, Gerry Lennon, Matt Lavery, Gareth Shumack

2011-2012: **Rob Linne, Deborah Little, Della Hudson, Diana Feige, Maggie Lally, Melanie Bush, Muriel Herring, Nicole Bruno, Sarah Martin, Stephanie Lake, Traci Levy, Jen Ganley, Crystal Mackey, Mary Wyeth

2010-2011: **Traci Levy, Crystal Tsang, Deborah Little, Della Hudson, Diana Feige, Florie St. Aime, Maggie Lally, Melanie Bush, Muriel Herring, Rob Linne, Sarah Martin, Stephanie Lake, Yana Kusayeva

2009-2010: **Deborah Little, Crystal Tsang, Della Hudson, Diana Feige, Florie St. Aime, Gregory Lecakes, Maggie Lally, Melanie Bush, Muriel Herring, Stephanie Lake, Traci Levy

2008-2009: **Della Hudson, **Maggie Lally, **Deborah Little, Becca Harrington, Diana Feige, Donna Truong, Jessica Ambrosio, Kanishka Kelshikar, Lauren Brickman, Melanie Bush, Muriel Herring, Traci Levy

2006-2007:**Melanie Bush, Muriel Herring, Becca Harrington, Deborah Little, Della Hudson, Diana Feige, Donna Truong, Jessica Ambrosio, Kanishka Kelshikar, Kendra Britto, Lauren Brickman, Maggie Lally, Traci Levy


Founders’ Circle

Kendra Britto ’08
Melanie Bush*
Brittany Consigli ’10, ’12
Marsha Darling
Diana Feige

Perry Greene
Della Hudson*
Stephanie Lake
Maggie Lally*
Traci Levy*

Deborah Little*
Charles Shopsis
Donna Truong ’10
Maggie Yoon

*Anchor Team (These are the people who are founders and Steering Committee members since 2006, and have played a key role in organizational development. Each has a set of organizational responsibilities.)

Other Key Contributors

Jessica Ambrosio ’10
Patrice Armstrong-Leach
Regina Axelrod
Sidney Boquiren
Audrey Blumberg
Michael Buls
Kali Chan
Jean Chin
Jane Fisher

Dale Flashner
Will Giler
Mashal Hamidi ’10
Rebecca Harrington ’10
Joni Hayes
Gayle D. Insler
Jamilah Maiga
Sarah Martin
Will Neris
Carol A. Lucas

Chris Storm
Courtney Scala
Florie St. Aime ’11, ’12
Joan Stein
Crystal Tsang ’11
Devin Thornburg
Richard Vaux
Laraine Wallowitz
Kathleen Watchorn



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